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> An Introduction to 'awk'

There are a lot of quick tricks which may be accomplished with the 'awk' interpreter. Among other things, awk may be used for a lot of text-munging and data-processing tasks which require some quick scripting work.

Examples with awk

Print Examples

Conditionals with Awk

Only solutions using awk will be considered valid for this task

You are provided a file with four space-separated columns containing the scores of students in three subjects. The first column, contains a single character (A-Z) - the identifier of the student. The next three columns have three numbers (each between 0 and 100, both inclusive) which are the scores of the students in English, Mathematics and Science respectively.

> Input Format

There will be no more than 10 rows of data. Each line will be in the format:

[Identifier]<space>[Score in English]<space>[Score in Math]<space>[Score in Science]

> Output Format

Concatenate every 2 lines of input with a semi-colon.

> Sample Input

A 25 27 50
B 35 37 75
C 75 78 80
D 99 88 76 

> Sample Output

A 25 27 50;B 35 37 75
C 75 78 80;D 99 88 76 

> Explanation

Every pair of lines have been concatenated with a semi-colon.


Have a look at these Awk Examples. Might be useful.

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paste -d ';' - -
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Figure 1.0: Solution passed all HackerRank tests cases

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